NTC Marketing and Communications Services

If you’re interested in utilizing the NTC Marketing & Communication team’s services, reach out early. Eight to six weeks is preferable, as we can assist in initial event planning which includes a budget for promotions, marketing strategy, materials, and more. Please note that all costs associated with these services (printing, ad fees, etc.) are paid for by the department unless otherwise arranged. Marketing channels and creative projects will be determined based on events needs and strategy.

8 weeks in advance

  • Promotional Video Requests
  • Event Photography Requests
  • Initial Planning Meeting
    • Discuss event specifics, audience(s), marketing needs, promotional ideas, attendance incentives, graphic design ideas, and giveaway items

6 weeks in advance

  • Full digital media strategy [graphic(s) provided by department]
    • Placement in the NTC social media content calendar
    • Request Tulane Homepage placement (placement not guaranteed)
    • Request Tulane Today featured event space (placement not guaranteed)
    • Request Tulane social media coverage (not guaranteed)
  • Manage Campus Digital Signage Requests
    • Graphic provided by department, can have up to a 2 week run time
      • Graphics get 10 second run time, videos get up to 30 seconds
    • Graphic must be 1920x1080
  • Manage LBC Table Tent Reservation Requests
    • Department must design and print 80 flyers in 4in wide x 5in tall dimensions (4”x5”)
    • Can be reserved up to 7 days per month
  • Day-of event coverage on NTC social channels
  • Email campaign (dependent on nature of event)
  • Reserve NTC Logistics Equipment
    • 10’x15’ Green NTC Tent
    • 10’x10’ White NTC Tent
      • Green backdrop wall with NTC logo available

4 weeks in advance

  • Promotional opportunity at Front Porch Friday
    • Occurs on the first Friday of every month
    • Department must have staff volunteers to hand out their own flyers and contribute to event set-up & breakdown
  • Pre- or post-event story for the NTC website
  • Social media strategy and placement in the NTC social media content calendar

3 weeks in advance

  • Graphic design review and feedback (if not required for items in the 6 week in advance category)
  • Inclusion in NTC Notice
  • 1-2 social media event reminders

2 weeks in advance

  • Inclusion in NTC Notice
  • 1-2 social media event reminders
  • Hanging Mussafer Banner
    • Limited to events that already have banners printed

1 week in advance

  • Social media event reminder

Our event is about to happen and I totally forgot to contact you and I need something! What can you do to help?

  • Last-second support like this will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the volume of requests we’re handling. We will do everything we can to support, but you may need a back-up plan if we are not able to assist at times like this.