Core Curriculum

For Faculty

NTC faculty are essential in developing and teaching Core Curriculum courses that encourage students to explore a variety of academic pathways. The curriculum challenges students to consider a broad spectrum of perspectives and develop the critical-thinking and communication skills they need to succeed in a complex and ever-changing world. The Core Curriculum sparks intellectual curiosity and our faculty fan that spark to prepare students for a life-long journey of academic exploration.


Proposing a Core Curriculum Course

Newcomb-Tulane College welcomes course proposals from faculty for inclusion in the Core Curriculum. Faculty looking to add an NTC core attribute to their course should consider and address the learning outcomes of the relevant core attribute in their proposal.

Course proposals for a core attribute should be submitted through the CIM system. Please see the Curriculum Committee page for more information on how to submit a proposal.


Proposing a New Service-Learning Course

The joint NTC-CPS Service Learning Curriculum Committee reviews all service-learning courses to ensure quality service-learning experiences for students and ethical, collaborative partnerships with community partners. For more information on how to submit a new service-learning course proposal, we invite you to review the Center for Public Service guidelines.


Proposing a First-Year Seminar Course

​​​​​​Faculty interested in teaching a  first-year seminar course should submit a new TIDE course proposal form for consideration by the Newcomb-Tulane College Curriculum Committee. Course proposals should be interdisciplinary, current, and include all programmatic learning outcomes, which can be found in the Faculty Guidebook.