About Retention & Student Success

Kelly Grant

Kelly Grant,
Vice Dean, Retention & Strategic Initiatives

The offices within Retention and Student Success support students’ success starting in the summer before they arrive for their first year through graduation. In addition to the numerous student-facing departments within the team, we are also fortunate to have a behind the scenes group of professionals dedicated to monitoring student progress and helping to review and improve policies and processes in support of our students.  

The vision of Retention and Student Success is that Newcomb-Tulane College students will recognize the many campus support services available to them before they arrive on campus, feel a strong sense of belonging in their first year and beyond, and feel empowered to face and overcome any academic, social, and/or financial obstacles to ultimately achieve their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree.

About Our Offices


The First-Year Experience office (FYE) oversees summer preparation and orientation, the first-year seminars, and many engagement programs to help our new students transition to the Tulane academic community successfully. Together with the dynamic first-year College Advising team, FYE connects students to their courses, their faculty, and the resources that can support them for the next four years at Tulane.  


College Advising and Athletics Advising provide guidance and support throughout our students’ undergraduate academic career through to graduation. Students exploring majors and minors or making plans to pursue graduate school can rely on our team of professional advisors to provide guidance, support, and key connections to campus resources. College advisors also support pathways to major advising with faculty members in our partner schools. All advisors are trained in the core curriculum requirement and in holistic student support.  


Academic programs and individual courses can be challenging. The Academic Learning and Tutoring Center (ALTC) provides the added support students need to navigate new material, develop new and effective study skills, and connect with fellow students in their courses. The learning studio is a dynamic study space and houses the Math Center and the Writing Center.  


For students who are seeking to develop their skills in aligning their goals and priorities with their academic responsibilities or with help navigating the transition from home to college, the Success Coaching team can help. The coaching team can be found in Mussafer Hall and across campus where they offer workshops like Finals Prep and Planner Jam to meet students where they are and support them at key points of the semester.  

Retention & Student Success Staff & Leadership

Logan Chapman,he/him

Academic Success Initiatives

Verna Crain-Johnson,she/her

Administrative Program Coordinator,
Retention & Student Success

Chazman McKoy, she/her

Senior Program Manager,
Retention & Student Success

Sara Johansen,she/her

Retention Data

Christie Kahil,she/her

Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

Cristina Lawson,she/her

Assistant Dean,
College Programs

Katie McBride,she/her

College Advising

Corey Motley,he/him

Senior Program Manager,
Success Wave


Senior Executive Secretary,
Retention & Student Success

Shaina Spector she/her

Associate Director,
Retention Data

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Through the work of the Retention & Student Success unit, Tulane staff members, faculty, and alumni collaborate to empower all Newcomb-Tulane College students to develop a sense of belonging within our campus community, thrive in their undergraduate academic life, and chart a path of lifelong learning grounded in a growth mindset.


Operating Principles


Foster resiliency, self-care, and self-advocacy

Affirm cultural identities and advance inclusivity.

Inspire intellectual curiosity, excellence, and academic leadership.

Demonstrate holistic care for the student.

Model integrity, accountability, and responsibility.