Fulbright Scholars 2023
Fulbright Scholars 2023

Another Banner Year for Tulane Fulbright Scholars

Thirteen Tulane students have been named Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant recipients for 2022-2023. Each grantee will receive funds through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, the U.S. Department of State’s flagship international educational exchange program, to either study for a graduate degree, conduct an individually designed research project, or participate in an English Teaching Assistant Program outside the United States.

Since its inception in 1946, Fulbright programs have operated in 160+ countries and provided 400,000+ students and scholars the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and promote mutual understanding among global communities.

This year, the Newcomb-Tulane College Office of Fellowship Advising supported 44 applicants through the months-long Fulbright application process. 26 of those applicants were announced as Semi-Finalists in January, with 13 ultimately earning the Fulbright Scholarship.

We are proud to recognize each of the following students and celebrate their accomplishments:

  • Josh Axelrod, ‘20
  • Humzah Khan, ‘20
  • Emmanuelle Rosenthal, ‘20
  • Brittany Blinder, ‘21
  • Lerin Williams, ’21 & M.A. in Musicology
  • Anna Wilson, ‘21
  • Amelia Brown, ‘22
  • Elise Carl, ‘22
  • Sydney Kuhn, '22
  • Bryce Moulton, ’22 & M.S. in Tropical Medicine
  • Hannah Mayer, ‘23
  • Michael Yang, ‘23
  • Paul Yermish, '23

" Tulane students and alumni have once again proven their ability to compete at the national level and to shine through to success. We’re thrilled for them as they begin this adventure that will advance their careers, support the Fulbright mission and provide a significant service to our country. "

— Thomas Spencer, Director of the NTC Office of Fellowship Advising

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Young Professional Journalism Program – Germany 

I'll be continuing my journalism career in Berlin where I'll investigate the plight of religious minorities amid mounting extremism across Europe. As a reporter who's covered both faith communities and technology, I'm uniquely positioned to examine how religious hate speech proliferates on social media platforms and translates into real-world violence. I'm endlessly grateful for my time at Tulane's intrepid independent student-run newspaper. I could not have received a better crash course in reporting than The Hullabaloo, which remains a vital source of local news to this day. Support student journalists!  

Research/Study Award – Tunisia 

My proposed project is an exploration of local water management in Tunisia as a case study of civil society's contributions to responsible resource governance. My key theme will be sustainability, a significant concern given Tunisia’s increasing water stresses. I will study how civil society can cooperate with the public and private sectors to promote equitable sharing of water resources. I will focus on communities linked with three water-intensive economic sectors that Tunisia has prioritized for economic growth: agriculture, mining, and tourism. 

Research/Study Award – Rwanda 

I will be studying the prevalence of bacteremia and antimicrobial resistance among cancer patients in Rwanda at the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence (BCCOE). This will entail testing blood samples, analyzing demographic and clinical data, and utilizing WHO guidelines to assess the infection prevention and control practices of the hospital. Overall, I am looking forward to exploring the culture and history of Rwanda, while deeply investing in biological research at the community level.  

English Teaching Award – Taiwan 

I am incredibly excited to immerse myself in Taiwanese culture throughout my year living in the island nation. I am also particularly looking forward to merging my desire to teach, my interest in Taiwanese policies, and my enthusiasm for Taiwanese culture while serving as an English teacher. I also began my Mandarin studies as a freshman at Tulane, and can't wait to continue to build on those foundations! OFA was instrumental in my success in applying for a Fulbright grant. Thomas and Jennifer were incredibly helpful in providing essential feedback regarding my application materials. I am incredibly grateful for them, as well as all of OFA, for their thoughtful input and patience throughout the entire process. 

Research/Study Award – Nigeria 

My plans are to study the language, history, and expressive traditions of Yorúbà identity and culture. I encourage underrepresented students to trust in their instincts and continue to persevere on the trajectory of their goals. Hone your skill set, articulate a feasible project, and engage in professional development along the way. 

English Teaching Award – Spain 

I will be moving to Spain this September and staying for 9 months! I’ll be working with middle and high school students in Madrid. My primary role will be leading the Global Classrooms Model United Nations program and preparing my students to compete against other schools. Additionally, I’ll be assisting teachers and instructing English across the school. While this was a challenging process, I am so thankful for all of the support and advice Dr. Beers and Dr. Spencer offered to make the process easier! I also appreciate the support I received from my Tulane peers during the waiting process. I feel incredibly grateful to have been awarded this opportunity and cannot wait to depart for Spain! 

English Teaching Award – Spain 

I will support teaching staff at the schools I am assigned to, serving as a resource person in conversation groups, providing small group tutorials, serving as an attendant in language laboratories, and giving presentations related to American culture. As a part of the grant, I will also organize a community engagement project. I plan to work with other educators to organize an after-school story time and book exchange for young readers and families. Practicing reading aloud promotes greater language fluency, so students learning English will have an opportunity to grow outside of the classroom.  

English Teaching Award – Taiwan 

I will be teaching English to elementary and middle school students in Taiwan. I am excited to learn more about the Taiwanese school system and TESOL pedagogy. I also hope to get involved with a local environmental non-profit. I am extremely grateful for the support I received from OFA during the application process. I went into the process with a lot of emotion surrounding my long-standing desire to live in Taiwan, which had been deferred for several years due to COVID. Dr. Spencer helped me translate the emotion I felt into a compelling narrative which ultimately made me a viable applicant. 

English Teaching Award – Nepal 

“I am excited to work in the classroom as an English language resource for my students as well as fellow faculty. This will be an excellent chance for intercultural exchange and to continue building connections with individuals across Nepal. During my time outside of the classroom I will partner with the NGO Empower Nepali Girls and the local branches of the Ministry of Education continue working with ongoing initiatives to promote gender equity in education. I found that the hardest part of the application process was starting. Even if you have doubts that you will be what they are looking for: try. If it is truly a dream, then work hard to keep trying until it becomes a reality.  

English Teaching Award – Laos 

As a Fulbright grant recipient to Laos, I will be an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) for secondary or post-secondary students. I also plan to work with an NGO serving the needs of impoverished communities through the distribution of necessary resources such as food and clothing. As an aspiring nonprofit professional, I am ecstatic at the opportunities and growth presented to me through these two positions. 

Research/Study Award – United Kingdom 

I could not be more grateful to have been named a Fulbright Scholar for the Fulbright / University of Reading Award in Food Security in the United Kingdom. I am beyond excited to pursue an MSc in Nutrition and Food Science while conducting cardiometabolic research at the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition and creating an initiative to share information and research on food security between the US and UK. 

Binational Business Award – Mexico 

During my Fulbright year, I will participate in the Mexico Binational Business Internship, which aims to foster mutual understanding between Mexico and the United States through professional internships and academic study. I am excited to apply my academic background and professional experiences to contribute to the local business community while gaining valuable international exposure and learning about the rich Mexican culture. Specifically, I look forward to growing my capacity for intercultural communication and empathy by immersing myself in the startup community of Mexico City, volunteering with local nonprofit organizations, and eating the most delicious cuisine in one of the world's most beautiful and historic cities.