15 Confirmed Tulane Fulbright recipients, 8 more selected as alternates

Hunter Jones
Tulane Fulbright Winners for 2022

Fifteen Tulane students have been named Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant recipients for 2022-2023. Each grantee will receive funds through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, the U.S. Department of State’s flagship international educational exchange program, to either study for a graduate degree, conduct an individually designed research project, or participate in an English Teaching Assistant Program outside the United States.

Since its inception in 1946, Fulbright programs have operated in 160+ countries and provided 400,000+ students and scholars the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and promote mutual understanding among global communities.  

This year, the Newcomb-Tulane College Office of Fellowship Advising supported 47 applicants through the months-long Fulbright application process. 32 of those applicants were announced as Semi-Finalists in January, with 15 ultimately becoming recipients and 8 more selected as alternates.

We are proud to recognize each of the following students and celebrate their accomplishments:

  • Kate Shipley, ‘16
  • Hannah Broderick, ‘19
  • John Glover, ‘21
  • Julia Prager-Hessel, ‘21
  • Reagan Orloff, ‘21
  • Ellie Casement, ‘22
  • Julie Cornfield, ‘22
  • Hannah Ellis, ‘22
  • Jared Freifeld, ‘22
  • Samantha Maza, ‘22
  • Tatiana Poggi, ‘22
  • Kaitlyn Taylor, ‘22
  • Amanda Whitman, ‘22
  • Alysia Scott, M.S. ‘20
  • Jamie Sauerbier, M.A. ‘22

“Tulane students, with their dedication to public service, academic excellence, and global citizenship, are uniquely well-suited to take advantage of the opportunities that the Fulbright program offers,” says Newcomb-Tulane College Dean Lee Skinner. “This year’s winners are outstanding representatives of Tulane and of the United States, and all of us at Newcomb-Tulane College are very proud of them. This banner year for Fulbright winners at Tulane is a testament to our students' unwavering pursuit of their academic goals and willingness to challenge themselves, as well as a testament to the dedication and commitment to student success displayed by the NTC Office of Fellowship Advising. I can’t wait to hear about their adventures abroad!”

Keep reading to learn more about each student’s unique journey to the Fulbright and beyond:

Kate Shipley

Public Health

Kate Shipley
"I will be pursuing my master's degree in Global Health Research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to strengthen my skills in program development and evaluation for the purpose of improving available interventions for child trauma,” said Kate. Her research will examine impacts and barriers within restorative justice programs in the Netherlands for victims of child trauma. Prior to winning the Fulbright, Kate spent 6 years working in the field of child maltreatment in Louisiana.



Hannah Broderick, ‘19

Neuroscience and Psychology

Hannah B
“During my Fulbright year, I will be teaching at a university to assist faculty in planning, preparing and teaching English language classes; planning and delivering presentations on cultural exchange and providing educational advising to local students interested in studying in the United States,” said Hannah. “Outside of my primary project, I will be engaging in supplementary projects teaching English to high school students, immigrants and refugees in Portugal.”



John Glover, ‘21

History and English

John G
“The support I received from Tulane was tremendously helpful, particularly the feedback I received from Dr. Beers and my Fulbright faculty advisor Dr. Jonathan Morton,” said John. “When I received news of my selection for the award, I was elated at the opportunity to indulge my passion for history and satisfy my cultural interest in the UK.” John’s independent research focuses on British labor history and its relationship to political radicalism, and he will pursue a master’s degree in History at Cardiff University.



Julia Prager-Hessel, ‘21

Philosophy & English

Julia P
Julia will be working in a university preparatory secondary school in Chotěboř, a small town in central Czech Republic. She is excited to meet her students, colleagues, and fellow Fulbrighters come August. “I hope to find ways to immerse myself in the Chotěboř community, be it through joining the already existing volleyball and book clubs, by offering my own English conversation or film clubs, or by getting involved in local fantasy festivals,” said Julia. “With Dr. Beers’ guidance, in addition to that of my professors, my incredible application mentor, Dr. Loveless, and the rest of the Honors team who were instrumental in supporting my Fulbright and graduate school applications, I became fortunate enough to be granted this experience.”



Reagan Orloff, ‘21

History & Business Management

Reagan O
“I am incredibly honored to have received this Fulbright grant for my postgraduate studies,” said Reagan. “Since studying abroad in Mexico City in fall 2019 through Tulane, I have developed a deep appreciation and admiration for the country of Mexico and its people; I aim to dedicate my future career to advocating for its improved relationship with the United States through collaborative border policy reform.” Reagan will pursue a master’s degree in Immigration Studies at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico as a Fulbright-García Robles Scholar.



Ellie Casement, ‘22

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Anthropology

Ellie C
“I will be living and working in the Honduran Bay Islands to conduct coral reef research in partnership with local conservation organizations,” said Ellie. “Specifically, I will be SCUBA diving to investigate the effects of a recent coral disease epidemic on reef fish populations and behavior. My project will provide insight on potential biodiversity declines and how they impact Honduran tourism and fishing industries.”




Julie Cornfield, ‘22

Public Health

Julie C
“Studying Portuguese here at Tulane with such dedicated professors and classmates has been one of the major highlights of my college education, and I am so grateful to culminate my studies with a Fulbright award,” said Julie. “I'll be teaching English at a university in Brazil, leading a weekly outdoor adventure and appreciation group, and volunteering at local community health organizations.”




Hannah Ellis, ‘22

Finance & Latin American Studies

Hannah E
Hannah looks forward to serving as a cultural ambassador for the United States in Brazil in her role as an English Teaching Assistant to foster cross-cultural exchange and passion for the English language. “I felt supported by the OFA team every step of the way with peer essay workshops, advisement from knowledgeable sources affiliated with the OFA team, and accountability from Dr. Beers and my recommenders. I owe my success to Tulane for providing me with the network, resources, and encouragement to chase my dream and follow my passions,” said Hannah.



Jared Freifeld, ‘22

Political Economy & Communications

Jared F
“I am beyond excited to travel across the world to better understand a culture and lifestyle far different from mine, to teach English and engage in mutually beneficial learning while interacting with my students. I want to travel to big cities and small towns, live like a local Taiwanese citizen, and create a bond with the communities that will welcome me into their home,” said Jared. “I am interested to see the connection between my studies and the real world, and better understand how economic policies and political ideologies affect others, as well as developing a common understanding with the next generation that centers on the importance of communication in finding solutions to our global issues.”



Samantha Maza, ‘22

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Samantha M
“I will be earning a graduate degree in Gender Studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand," said Maza. "My research there will build upon my undergraduate honors thesis, which analyzed Māori feminist epistemology and articulated a de-colonial critique of white feminism. I am looking forward to studying with the feminist scholars I engaged with in my undergraduate research! I am so grateful for Dr. Beers' guidance, as well as the generous and unrelenting support from my mentors in the Gender and Sexuality Studies program.”



Tatiana Poggi, ‘22

Political Economy & Legal Studies in Business

Tatiana P
During her Fulbright in Mexico next year, Tatiana will be working full time at one of 16 affiliated companies in either Mexico City or Merida while also taking international business classes at ITAM or Anáhuac Mayab University. “Without the OFA, I may never have learned that the Binational Business Program existed! The office’s information sessions and connections with previous Tulane grantees were instrumental in helping me learn about the breadth of Fulbright grants out there and how to approach the application process,” said Tatiana.



Kaitlyn Taylor, ‘22

International Relations & Legal Studies in Business

Kaitlyn T
“I am elated to move to Thailand to teach English for the upcoming school year. Ever since I studied abroad in Chiang Mai through the Altman Program in 2019, I've felt an overwhelming desire to return to Thailand to engage with the culture in an immersive manner,” said Kaitlyn. “During my Fulbright experience, I hope to gain proficiency in Thai and employ my experience as a member of the Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline & Education (SAPHE) at Tulane by interning with a community-centered organization that operates a similar hotline and offers resources for survivors of gender-based violence in Thailand.”



Amanda Whitman, ‘22

Political Economy

Amanda W
“I look forward to engaging with Brazilian students and culture while teaching English on my Fulbright grant,” said Amanda. “I hope to immerse myself in the community, improve my Portuguese, and learn more about education policy and reform as part of my supplemental project.”




Alysia Scott, M.S. ‘20

Cell and Molecular Biology

Alysia S
Alysia’s Fulbright will allow her to complete a PhD program with the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. Her research involves tumor microenvironment manipulation using exosomes to inhibit cancer progression with a focus on childhood neuroblastoma. “Winning the Fulbright is a dream come true! I applied in 2020 and was not selected,” said Alysia. “So to persevere and be a Finalist this year is so rewarding. Tulane truly helped me realize my potential and give me the support to pursue the Fulbright award.”



Jamie Sauerbier, M.A. ‘22

Latin American Studies

Jamie S
“During my Fulbright year, I plan to continue developing my master's thesis project on representations of Nikkei (Japanese immigrants and their descendants) in Brazilian literature. I am particularly interested in the representation of race, class, and gender,” said Jamie. “While I am in Brazil, I plan to spend time searching the archives in the Historical Museum of Japanese Immigration, as well as the manga collection at the University of São Paulo. For the cultural ambassador aspect, I plan to teach elementary school-aged aspiring musicians to play songs from both the United States and Brazil on the violin.”