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Mission and Values


As the academic home for all full-time undergraduates at Tulane, Newcomb-Tulane College educates its multifaceted student body through its commitment to academic breadth and depth, interdisciplinary exploration, engaged scholarship and research, and opportunities for service. By supporting the development of each student’s intellect and creativity both within and beyond the classroom, the College prepares its students to be leaders and citizens who think and engage critically, imaginatively, and ethically with local, national, and global communities.


Ensure the academic rigor and integrity of the undergraduate curriculum

Empower students to seek out intellectual challenges and to build academic pathways that create meaning for them

Educate students to live their lives fully

Engage students actively in their educational journeys

Develop a strong academic and intellectual foundation for all students

Guide students to learn and explore across a diverse set of offerings

Elevate student's learning through opportunities inside and outside the traditional classroom

Create meaningful undergraduate research experiences


Newcomb-Tulane College expects undergraduates to demonstrate academic excellence within a culture of interdisciplinary exploration, creativity, and innovation.

Newcomb-Tulane College embraces diversity and requires inclusivity with the knowledge that both are the key components of fostering the highest level of learning.

Newcomb-Tulane College supports active engagement with the communities both within and beyond the borders of its campus, and in doing so, fosters the values of empathy, integrity, and a life-long commitment to service.

Newcomb-Tulane College faculty and staff are dedicated to an undergraduate education that empowers students to explore their passions through scholarship, research, and artistic pursuits and supports students as they reach each academic milestone.

Newcomb-Tulane College encourages students in their pursuit of lives of meaning and purpose as members of the Tulane alumni community.