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Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean's Advisory Council provides the Newcomb-Tulane College dean with valuable perspective and experience from a select group of alumni and parents. Council members take on leadership roles as informed ambassadors and advocates for the College. The Council supports the College's goal of providing an exceptional undergraduate educational experience for students in and out of the classroom, enhancing the research, scholarship, social, and leadership opportunities for our students. Members also support the college philanthropically to ensure these goals are realized.


Ms. Karen Roskind Sobel NC '89, Chair

Dr. Michael L. Alexander 
Mrs. Suzanne Harris Alexander NC '83
Ms. Annabelle L. Brody LA '18
Mr. Randall L. Broz TC '99
Mr. A. J. Cass, III A&S '88
Mr. Douglas R. Ellin A&S '90
Mr. Marc D. Frishman A&S '91
Mr. Brendan V. Hayes TC '99
Mr. B. Daniel Hazel A&S '96
Mr. Scott G. Intagliata A&S '83
Mr. Cadambi Janardhan 
Mrs. Shashi Janardhan
Mr. Joseph S. Kaplan 
Mr. Scott A. Katzmann A&S '77
Mr. Gerald F. Keefe A&S '93
Mr. Stuart R. Klabin A&S '53
Mr. Andrew M. Klein A&S '91
Mrs. Lucy L. Klingenstein 
Mrs. Mariam Salari Korangy NC '96
Steven D. Kushnick, M.D. A&S '83, M *87
Mr. Chad R. Ludwig TC '98
Ms. Molly Wiemann Ludwig NC '98
Mr. Howard J. Margolis B '87
Mr. Steven R. Moffitt TC '99
Mr. Ali Nabavi TC '99
Ms. Amy Rudnick Pasquariello NC '98
Mr. Jeremy S. Perelman TC '00
Ms. Lisa Ehrlich Rapkin 
Mrs. Nancy Goldstein Rebold NC '88
Ms. Michelle Rosenbaum 
Mr. John T. Rossi G *78
Mr. Donald E. Rothman A&S '79
Ms. Dawn Zimmerman Saunders B '92
Ms. Lori Rhodes Seigal NC '91
Mr. Scott A. Seigal A&S '89
Mr. Lawrence S. Sibley A&S '80 
Mr. Richard S. Thal B '80
Mr. David A. Titlebaum A&S '87
Mr. Jeffrey L. Turner A&S '77
Mr. Alan W. Weakland 
Mrs. Donna Weakland 
Ms. Elyse Luray Weshler NC '89