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Dean Lee Skinner

Here at Newcomb-Tulane College, we have the best jobs at Tulane. We also have the most important task: we guarantee the quality and integrity of the diploma we award in the name of the university and the college. We hold our students to the highest standard of achievement and inspire them to meet, or better still, surpass our expectations for them.

We push our students to their intellectual limits, with the expectation that they will rise to meet those limits. We cultivate their appetite for risk in all areas, from experimenting with an idea on a paper or in classroom discussion to trying a new job that challenges their skill set.

We provide a diversity of innovative, flexible educational experiences to develop the same habits of innovative thought and creative flexibility in our students. We graduate them to be life-long learners who not only can but want to adapt rapidly to the changing workplace and world around them.  We instill values of civic engagement, public service and commitment to their local, national and global communities, and prepare our students with the skills and mindset they need to thrive at graduation and beyond.

Our undergraduates leave Tulane ready to continue the work they’ve begun here of bettering their communities, creating meaning in their lives and work, and pursuing success in the widest possible meaning of the word.

All this activity begins with Newcomb-Tulane College. Here, we bring it all together for our students. NTC is the core, the heart of the undergraduate academic experience.

We twine together the elements of their learning in the classroom and in their co-curricular experiences, and we actively engage our students with the resources they need to achieve at the highest level.  We advise them, coach them, spur them through their time here and we educate them to live their lives fully – to find rewarding careers and to enjoy and appreciate their lives and experiences outside the workplace as well.

In short, we have the best jobs because we have the immense privilege of helping people find their paths and meaning in life. What could possibly be more satisfying than that?

About Me

I’ve lived in many different parts of the US, including New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, California, and the South. I earned my B.A. in Comparative Literature from Brown University and my Ph.D. in Spanish from Emory University; my first faculty position was at the University of Kansas. In 2008 I went to Claremont McKenna College as an associate professor and became an associate dean of the faculty there in 2013. Through those experiences, I developed my passion for undergraduate education and for all the ways in which we engage with students to help them take charge of their own educational paths. As early as Brown, for example, I was a peer academic advisor and writing tutor; at Kansas I was the director of undergraduate studies for Spanish and Portuguese and worked with honors students.

My scholarly work focuses on nineteenth-century Spanish American literature and culture. I frequently analyze ways in which writers addressed questions of citizenship and national participation and how they contested prevailing social and cultural norms of behavior, whether those were based on gender, class, or race.  Rather than focusing on a certain country, genre, or author, I look across Spanish America for commonalities and key differences in themes and ideas of the nineteenth century. My books are Gender and the Rhetoric of Modernity in Spanish America, 1850-1910 (2016) and History Lessons: Refiguring the Nineteenth-Century Historical Novel in Spanish America (2006). Currently, I’m working on a book about the cultural history of food and eating in Spanish America from Independence in the 1820s to the present.

Email the Dean's Office at ntcdean@tulane.edu

Dean's Office Hours

Each semester I hold office hours to meet with students. I want to hear about your academic journey at Tulane and what you're planning for the future. Ask questions and express student concerns during this one-on-one time with me.

Drop-in Hours

Every Friday from 12-1pm, I'll be hosting drop-in office hours for students. Come by my office in Mussafer Hall, Room 202 to introduce yourself, ask questions, have a conversation and tell me about your experience at Tulane.

Schedule a Meeting

If you need to schedule a meeting outside of my office hours, email ntcdean@tulane.edu to request an appointment. Time slots are scheduled for 15 minute intervals.

Check our events calendar or search "Newcomb-Tulane College" on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for dates and times each month.