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COVID–19 FAQ for Newcomb-Tulane College

Newcomb-Tulane College is committed to upholding our mission of educating the undergraduates of Tulane through engaged scholarship. Below are questions related to the functions of the College only. Any questions related to University operations and health and safety can be found on the Campus Health website. Any questions related to housing and storage can be found on the Housing & Residential Life website. NTC is following the guidance of the University. Be sure to check your email regularly for updates. 

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

updated December 14

Virtual Learning Student Support - tips on getting set up

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Spring 2021 Registration

What is the max number of credit hours I can register for?

All NTC students will be able to register for up to 16 credits when their time ticket opens. Starting on November 23rd at 8 AM CST, all NTC students will be able to add 3 additional hours, for a total of 19 hours.

How do I register if I've petitioned to study abroad?

Students who have petitioned to study abroad in the spring term 2021 will be able to register for up to 16 credit hours when their time ticket opens. Students should register for up to 16 on-ground hours (with the option to add 3 more hours starting on Nov. 23).  If approved, students will be able to register for 12 additional study abroad "placeholder" credits,  REGR-4030-01 (non-business) or REGR-4030-26 (business). 

Is there an option to work/attend remotely for the spring?

Tulane will offer in-person classes in the spring semester and have a structure much like the fall, with the majority of classes meeting fully in person. However, students can choose to enroll as full-time remote learners by completing a declaration form. Remote students enroll only in online courses or on-ground courses open to remote learners. The Schedule of Classes indicates all the classes that are “tagged” as accepting fully remote learners; you don’t need to request special access to these “tagged” courses. Students declaring remote status will not have access to campus or courses that do not allow remote learners. Please note that students who begin the semester fully online must also finish it fully online; you won’t be able to come to campus and begin attending courses in person, even if your circumstances change.

Remote Learner Declaration Form: Students should complete the declaration of remote learner status form no later than the last day to add classes, Friday, January 29, 2021.   It’s best to complete this declaration form as soon as possible in order to register for the appropriate courses when your time ticket opens and to ensure course availability.  The form is available on the Registrar’s website.  For further information, visit https://registrar.tulane.edu/covid-19-request-full-remote-attendance.  

I'm an approved remote learner. What do I do to register for spring 2021?
  • Approved remote learners will be able to enroll in online courses and courses that accept remote learners.
  • To search for these courses using the Schedule of Classes,
    • Click the check box to “Exclude Courses Closed to Remote Learners” on the search page. 

Time tickets are based on earned hours.More information regarding spring 2021 time tickets is available at https://registrar.tulane.edu/time-ticketing-schedule.


Academics and Schedules

Will the COVID-19 P/MP/U grading option be available in Spring 2021?

The temporary P/MP/U grading option was only put in place as an emergency measure for Spring 2020. Even if your classes are online, this option is no longer available.

The S/U option remains in place, with the standard restrictions, but students may take up to two courses S/U in Fall 2020 and in Spring 2021. These additional S/U courses do not count toward the existing maximum of 10 allowable S/U credits and may be used to satisfy the 120-129 credits required for all bachelor’s degrees. Otherwise, the standard restrictions apply to these S/U courses. No letter grade will be recorded for a course designated as S/U, so it will not be possible to recover a letter grade at a later date. https://registrar.tulane.edu/2020-21-covid-19-grading-policy

Will we have Saturday classes this year?

Some classes, depending on their schedule, will meet the Saturday before Labor Day. As of now that's the only Saturday with classes scheduled. We do have two "contingency weekends" in case classes are cancelled because of weather.

Will Summer School be online in 2021? Will online classes be cheaper?

NTC Summer School will be fully online in Summer 2021. However, individual schools may offer some limited in-person courses. You should check with the individual school if you need more information on these limited in-person programs and courses offered. 

How will I take final exams this spring? I heard they are all online.

The last day of class is November 24, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Finals will be given online November 30 through December 5. Your faculty might have you complete your final project before you leave campus instead of taking an online final. Be sure to check your syllabus.

I have three online final exams in one day! What do I do?

You can request that one of the exams be moved to a different day within the final exam period (Nov 30 - Dec 5). Our policy is that the course with the highest number is the exam that gets rescheduled. Talk to your professor to find another time you can take the exam. If the two of you are having trouble finding a mutually acceptable time please contact the NTC Dean at ntcdean@tulane.edu

Is the Code of Academic Conduct still relevant for online courses? What if I have an open Honor Board case or hearing scheduled?

Yes! Students are still required to abide by the Code and should receive information from their instructors about due dates, assignment requirements and testing procedures.

What if I have an honor board hearing scheduled?

Students whose cases from Spring 2020 were not resolved must decided whether to sign a hearing waiver (if relevant) or convene a hearing. These deadlines are on the charge letters you recieved. All hearings will be scheduled as promptly and as efficiently as possible at the beginning of the Fall semester. If you have questions, email NTCHonorBoard@wave.tulane.edu.

I have a grant for a project I’m working on this semester. Will I be able to finish my work?

NTC will continue to support grant-funded projects. Grants for upcoming travel will be considered based on the latest university guidelines regarding travel. Staff members from NTC will be available by phone and Zoom meetings to discuss grant applications and grant funds. If you are working with an organization or faculty member that cancels your project or experience, grant money will not be awarded or will need to be returned to the university. We will handle each student’s case individually.

How will service learning work? Will I be able to go into the community?

All service learning courses will have a virtual/indirect service option or will focus on community-engaged learning. Read the Center for Public Service FAQ for more info.

I'm a consortium student. How do campus guidelines impact me?

Consortium and Lusher students won’t be allowed on the Tulane campus, and we won’t allow Tulane students to take in-person classes at the consortium universities. Consortium and Lusher students can take online classes (pending availability).

Cross-town ROTC students are the exception. They will be able to come on campus, take their military/naval/air force science classes, and do drills and exercise in our facilities.

If I'm still in New Orleans will I have access to the library to study and do research?

Students will be able to use the library -- including internet -- for class work and research. Review Library FAQ.

I always go home for Yom Kippur. Will my absence from classes be excused?

Instructors should excuse an absence from class to attend a religious service held in New Orleans, but are not required to excuse travel-related absences.

See below for Tulane's Student Travel Protocol

  • Students must notify CMVSS about their travel plans in advance of their travel. They should do this by submitting a report and selecting COVID-19 report type.
  • Students will be contacted by the Dean of Students or designee to discuss the nature of their travel.
  • Students who live on campus should plan to stay off campus for at least 48 hours upon their return. We can help facilitate this process, but the student will be responsible for the costs. Students who live off campus should plan to limit their contact and may opt to stay in a hotel as well.
  • Students should schedule a test upon their return to New Orleans at one of the Tulane testing centers. If a student has an issue scheduling their test, they should e-mail chtestresults@tulane.edu.
  • A student must have a negative test result prior to their return to on-campus housing and classes.
  • The student must present their negative test results to SRSS@tulane.edu to be cleared to return to their on-campus residence and/or classes.



Are walk-in advising appointments still available?

Virtual Advisor of the Day will be available Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST. The scope of this appointment should be limited to deadlines, general core curriculum, department referrals, and appropriate forms and instructions. For topics outside of this scope, the advisor on duty will help schedule a full appointment with the appropriate advisor

Virtual Advisor of the Day Zoom

If asked to sign in, use your Tulane email address and password.

Can I make an academic, career or pre-professional advising appointment?

Yes, Academic, Career and pre-professional advising is available. Our staff are back on campus and you can meet with an advisor in person. Some virtual appointments will be available for students who are quarantining, in isolation or otherwise learning remotely this spring.

Make an appointment with your advisor.

Students with quick questions that don't require an appointment are welcome to use the Live Chat feature available at the Advising Website.



I am interested in learning about nationally competitive scholarships. Can I still do that if I am not on campus regularly?

Yes, all undergraduates in Newcomb-Tulane College can learn about these opportunities by setting up a meeting with the Coordinator for Nationally Competitive Scholarships by emailing honors@tulane.edu. We are offering virtual meetings and information sessions during the fall semester to make it easier for students to learn about these opportunities.

I am applying for the Fulbright US Student Program. Will the campus review process be different this year?

Partially. We will still provide advice on the process of applying and the campus interviews in September will be conducted virtually. In addition, this year, we will offer additional webinars in July and writing workshops in August to support candidates as they draft and revise their application essays.

What will the Honors Thesis process look like this year? Will there be any changes?

If you are interested in pursuing an Honors Thesis, we encourage you to go to the Honors Program website, which has the guidelines. The changes this year include submitting the various forms (prospectus, first progress report, etc.) online instead of in the Honors Program office.

I am a junior interested in pursuing an Honors Thesis, but I am unsure about the process. How can I get some support to prepare for it?

This fall, the Honors Program is offering two sections of Honors Thesis Bootcamp (COLQ 4013) for students interested in preparing for the Honors Thesis. We encourage all eligible students to enroll in this 1 credit workshop. If you are unable to take this course in the fall, please contact a member of the Honors Program staff by emailing honors@tulane.edu.



I saw that Tulane is planning to undertake many anti-racism initiatives, how can students report racism in the classroom?

You can report racism in the classroom through a Maxient Report. This report includes a Bias/Discrimination category that you can select and fill out. Your submission then goes to the Title IX office.

Is tutoring going to be available?

The Academic Learning and Tutoring Center will be closed to students. However, all Tutoring and Writing will be available as virtual appointments. Appointments can be made in Accudemia and will be held in GoBoard. Check Accudemia for available tutoring appointments and check for emails from your SI about when they will be scheduling sessions.

I have Supplemental Instruction for one of my classes. Is SI happening in person?

This is dependent on your specific course. Check for emails from your SI about when they will be scheduling sessions and for format details.

Can I meet with my success coach?

Yes, success coaches will be available to help you navigate academic and personal challenges related to this major change and keep you on track for success this semester. Our staff will be back on campus and you can choose a virtual appointment or in person. You will select your option when you make an appointment. Make an appointment.

I’d like to speak with a counselor or case manager.

If you’d like to speak with a counselor or a case manager, contact CAPS  (https://campushealth.tulane.edu/caps) or the Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services (https://cmvss.tulane.edu or (504) 314-2160). For support 24/7, you can contact a Student Resources and Support Services Professional On-Call at (504) 920-9900.

I don’t have internet access or a laptop with a camera – how will I attend my online classes?

Contact the Center for Academic Equity (pbooke@tulane.edu), who will work with Information Technology to ensure you have what you need to continue taking your classes.

I'm a first generation college student and need help transitioning to an online format - what resources are available to me?

The Center for Academic Equity’s first-gen emergency funds can be used to support you during your transition away from campus and to an online instruction format. Items such as storage facility rentals, laptops to access courses online, etc. can be covered.  In some cases where unexpected expenses arise within the cost of attendance and where the only help financial aid can provide is a loan, CAE could potentially use their funds as gift aid in place of loans.


Programs and Events

Will NTC be holding events this semester?

Yes, we will have a mix of small, socially distanced in-person events and larger virtual events. College Coffee returns on a monthly basis this spring. View the NTC Events Calendar for the current schedule. Follow us on social media for the most up to date information on our events.

Can I still study abroad?

Fall 2020 study abroad programs were canceled. We are monitoring the global situation for Spring 2021 and will update all students when a decision is made.

FAQs specific to students who are planning to study abroad can be found on the NTC Center for Global Education's website.


Additional Questions

What technology is recommened for completing my coursework?

 Most devices are compatible to Tulane's assortment of software applications as long as your device runs on a Windows 10 or Mac OS operating system.

A special note on Chromebooks: we have found that the testing software many faculty use to give quizzes, test, and exams is NOT supported on Chromebooks. You will need an alternative laptop or computer for testing if you use a Chromebook. Some campus computer labs will be available for student use. 

Technology Connection, our campus tech store, has a detailed list of Tulane recommended specs.

I'm an international student with questions specific to my situation.

If you are unable to return to the United States please work with OISS. Students living in mainland China are encouraged to apply for the Tulane Global in Shaghai program. This program will provide a residential experience for first-year and continuing students, allowing them to take a mix of in-person and online classes. Student living in other parts of the world are encouraged to take Tulane classes online. Work with your academic advisors to adjust your schedule. 

If you have a document you need to get from OISS, you will be contacted about shipment options. Please note you do not need your I-20 to leave the US – you only need it at the time that you want to re-enter the country.

Information about travel guidance.


I have questions about housing.

Visit the Housing & Residential Life FAQ for these types of questions. 

I have questions about my work study/student worker stipend.

According to Federal guidelines, students with Federal Work Study awards in regions affected by the Coronavirus may continue to receive work study payments even if they are unable to work. Payroll is preparing to pay the remainder of work study awards to students who have already accepted and been previously paid for FWS awards. No action is required by the department. Students being paid by stipend will receive their full stipend. Departments do not need to take any actions.

I have questions about accessibility.

Visit the Goldman Center FAQ for these types of questions. 

What is the university's copyright policy for my work produced online during this time?

The University will not claim ownership to the academic content posted online by students in virtual classrooms, forums, etc. for the continuation of classes during this pandemic.

I'm a parent looking for more information.

General answers can be found on the Campus Health FAQ and helpful information for parents can be found on the Parent Programs website.




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