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COVID-19 FAQ for Newcomb-Tulane College

Newcomb-Tulane College is committed to upholding our mission of educating the undergraduates of Tulane through engaged scholarship during this unfolding situation. Below are questions related to the functions of the College only. Any questions related to University operations and health and safety can be found on the Campus Health website. Any question related to housing and storage can be found on the Housing & Residential Life website. NTC is following the guidance of the University. Be sure to check your email regularly for updates. 

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

updated March 26

Virtual Learning Student Support - tips on getting set up

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Advising and Graduation

Will I still be able to make an academic, career or pre-professional advising appointment and register for Fall 2020 classes?

Yes, Advising will be available to all students and you will be able to register for Fall and Summer 2020 Classes. Make an appointment with your advisor. Your advisor will send you a Zoom meeting invite or you can call the number provided. Students with quick questions that don't require an appointment are welcome to use the Live Chat feature available at the Advising Website.

How will I be certified to graduate?

Newcomb-Tulane College Advisors will work with academic program and departmental advisors to certify students in their majors, minors, certificates, and degrees.


Academics and Requirements

Has the COVID-19 situation affected the grading policy?

There is a Temporary grading option for undergraduate students this semester, spring 2020. We are introducing a P (Pass)/ MP (Minimal Pass) / U (Unsatisfactory) option. Learn more about this new policy on the Registrar's FAQ page.

Note that the S/U option also remains in place, with the standard restrictions.

Students are also free to continue taking any or all of their courses for letter grades. If no further action is taken, they will receive the grading type they have currently designated.

The deadline for changing grading options among the three possibilities ‐‐ letter grade, S/U, P/MP/U ‐‐ will be May 11, 2020 for graduating students, and May 21, 2020 for non‐graduating students.

I’m taking a lab class, how will I fulfill that requirement online?

Instructors will be sending out information to their students about how work will be conducted for their specific lab class. Monitor your Tulane email.

I was studying abroad in spring 2020 and have questions about my academic progress

Yes, Advising will be available to all students and you will be able to register for Fall and Summer 2020 Classes. Please see the Office of Study Abroad's FAQs and updates webpage.

How will I fulfill my service learning requirement?

Students will not be penalized for the interruption and changes to service learning this semester.  Your professor and the Center for Public Service are actively working on how your service learning will shift this semester. Depending upon the unique nature of your course and community partnership, the details of how your service learning will change will be different. If possible, we’ll arrange for a virtual project with our community partners to ensure a continuity of support to them. If not, we’re working with faculty on alternative community-minded assignments.  Further instruction and updates will come from your service learning professor or CPS coordinator. See CPS student communication regarding COVID-19 here

Will summer school classes be cancelled? Will the courses be remote as well?

NTC Summer School will still take place, but we don’t know yet whether they will be in person, online, or a combination. NTC will follow university guidance and will provide information as we have it.

How will I complete the requirements for my Honors Thesis?

The director or one of the co-directors will be in contact with their thesis students with information on how to proceed. If the thesis writers and-or committee members are not on campus, feedback can be given remotely, and thesis defenses can be set up via Zoom or another online meeting platform. The Honors Program will be in touch with information about submission of forms and the thesis itself. 

Is the Code of Academic Conduct still relevant for online courses? What if I have an open Honor Board case or hearing scheduled?

Yes! Students are still required to abide by the Code and should receive information from their instructors about due dates, assignment requirements and testing procedures.

What if I have been accused of academic misconduct? What happens to my case?

If you have received a charge letter with a deadline to respond after March 13, 2020, you will have extended time to respond. The NTC Office of Academic Integrity will be in touch with the new deadline to respond to the charge letter. If you have questions, email

What if I have an honor board hearing scheduled?

Hearings for the remainder of this semester will take place via Zoom. Hearings will not be scheduled March 16-20 or April 6-13. If you have questions, email

I have a grant for a project I’m working on this semester. Will I be able to finish my work?

NTC will continue to support grant-funded projects. Grants for upcoming travel will be considered based on the latest university guidelines regarding travel. Staff members from NTC will be available by phone and Zoom meetings to discuss grant applications and grant funds. If you are working with an organization or faculty member that cancels your project or experience, grant money will not be awarded or will need to be returned to the university. We will handle each student’s case individually.

If I'm still in New Orleans will I have access to the library to study and do research?

Students who stay on campus/in New Orleans will be able to use the library -- including internet -- for class work and research. Review Library FAQ.



Is tutoring going to be available?

The Academic Learning and Tutoring Center will be closed to students. However, all Tutoring, Writing and SI programs will be available as virtual appointments. Appointments can be made in TimeTap and will be held in GoBoard. Check TimeTap for available tutoring appointments and check for emails from your SI about when they will be scheduling sessions. We encourage all students to create a TimeTap account and take advantage of these resources as distance learning has unique challenges.

Can I meet with my success coach virtually?

Yes success coaches will be available to help you navigate academic and personal challenges related to this major change and keep you on track for success this semester. All appointments will be virtual, via Zoom. Your coach will provide the information you need to sign in to the meeting. Make an appointment.

I’d like to speak with a counselor or case manager.

If you’d like to speak with a counselor or a case manager, contact CAPS  ( or the Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services ( or (504) 314-2160). For support 24/7, you can contact a Student Resources and Support Services Professional On-Call at (504) 920-9900.

I don’t have internet access or a laptop with a camera – how will I attend my online classes?

Contact the Center for Academic Equity (, who will work with Information Technology to ensure you have what you need to continue taking your classes.

I'm a first generation college student and need help transitioning to an online format - what resources are available to me?

The Center for Academic Equity’s first-gen emergency funds can be used to support you during your transition away from campus and to an online instruction format. Items such as storage facility rentals, laptops to access courses online, etc. can be covered.  In some cases where unexpected expenses arise within the cost of attendance and where the only help financial aid can provide is a loan, CAE could potentially use their funds as gift aid in place of loans.

What do I do with the checked out materials from the Center for Academic Equity’s Resource Lending Library?

Students should return the materials when the semester is over or when they return to campus.


Programs and Events

Will NTC events be cancelled?

Some NTC events will be cancelled including College Coffee and most events surrounding Sophomore Week. We are working to determine which events we can either stream or setup online meetings for and will provide updated information as we have it for each event.

Can I still study abroad?

Office of Study Abroad remote advising via Zoom is available. To make an appointment, please schedule on your advisor's Calendly. After scheduling, your advisor will send you a Zoom invitation for a meeting.

FAQs specific to students who are currently studying abroad or who are planning to study abroad in the summer or fall can be found on the NTC Center for Global Education's website.


Additional Questions

I'm an international student with questions specific to my situation.

The OISS is taking measures to reduce contact due to COVID-19. As of Monday, March 16, 2020 the physical location of OISS will no longer be open. OISS staff members will be working remotely. Students and scholars can continue to make virtual appointments with an advisor through our appointments website or by emailing The advisor will email you details about the zoom appointment before the scheduled meeting time.

If you have a document you need to get from OISS, you will be contacted about shipment options. Please note you do not need your I-20 to leave the US – you only need it at the time that you want to re-enter the country.

Information about travel guidance.


I have questions about my work study/student worker stipend.

According to Federal guidelines, students with Federal Work Study awards in regions affected by the Coronavirus may continue to receive work study payments even if they are unable to work. Payroll is preparing to pay the remainder of work study awards to students who have already accepted and been previously paid for FWS awards. No action is required by the department. Students being paid by stipend will receive their full stipend. Departments do not need to take any actions.

I have questions about accessibility.

Visit the Goldman Center FAQ for these types of questions. 

What is the university's copyright policy for my work produced online during this time?

The University will not claim ownership to the academic content posted online by students in virtual classrooms, forums, etc. for the continuation of classes during this pandemic.

Are campus buildings open?

At this time the following major locations are closed: all libraries, the Reily Recreation Center, and all dining facilities except The Commons and the School of Medicine cafeteria which are both "to go" only, no seated dining. 

Students who are looking for a place to study may use the LBC or the Business School. Social distancing measures will be implemented at both locations and security will be posted 24/7 beginning this Friday, March 20

Academic buildings (aside from the Business School) on the UPTOWN campus will operate in weekend mode – this means you must have a key or card access to enter them. If you need assistance with access please reach out to your dean. This will go into effect Friday, March 20 at 6:00 p.m.

At this time, the DOWNTOWN campus buildings are maintaining regular operating hours. Building restrictions downtown may come at a later date, but this will be communicated well ahead of time. Employees who work in 1555 Poydras should pay attention for announcements regarding access from building management or the university

If you need Facilities Services for any assistance, please call them, or make a request through the Campus Services website or the Let's Talk app.

I'm a parent looking for more information.

General answers can be found on the Campus Health FAQ and helpful information for parents can be found on the Parent Programs website.




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