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Summer Experience Boosts Confidence

Summer is a mostly quiet time on the Tulane campus — but not for Newcomb-Tulane College students participating in the Summer Experience. Fifteen new NTC first-year students spent five weeks at Tulane getting a sneak preview at what being a successful college student is all about. College Track students Raymell Green and Cresin Williams-Quinn were among this year’s group.

College Track was established in 1997 to recruit and mentor students in underserved communities. Tulane became a partner in 2014 and the program is housed within NTC’s Center for Academic Equity. College Track students participate in the Summer Experience, along with other talented scholars from underrepresented groups. They live in campus residence halls, take courses for credit, participate in workshops, meet with faculty and staff advisors and learn about the rich cultural diversity of New Orleans.

Cresin, a future engineering and physics major from San Francisco, saw great value in visiting the campus early. “I got comfortable with the campus. When I get there in the fall I’ll already know where everything is. I’ll feel like a sophomore.” Creating enriching social connections is a benefit Raymell, also from San Francisco, appreciated. “I’m friends with most of the College Track students, I really connected with a few of them during my time there. I made friends with international students. College is all about meeting people that are far from your norm, it was nice to learn about their culture.”

Raymell and Cresin with the summer 2019 cohort on campus


“The Summer Experience is a great way to transition. Through the workshops, classes and field trips I got to experience a little bit of being an adult and being responsible for my time at a slower pace.” - Cresin Williams, NTC '23

The experience is not just about getting situated on campus and making new friends, there’s also a valuable academic benefit. Raymell, who will study public health, said that the program “helped build a lot of confidence in myself when it comes to taking classes. The courses we took over the summer, helped to prepare us. For example, in English we wrote a lot of essays and participated in discussions to improve our writing skills.” This skill strengthening will help all Summer Experience students feel confident and successful in their first year at Tulane. Cresin says the Summer Experience also gave him “some room to experience a little bit of being an adult, waking up and getting to class on time and going to the library for research.”

The Summer Experience is just one of the many ways NTC’s Center for Academic Equity ensures an impactful and equitable experience for all underrepresented students. These programs enrich the entire campus community, giving students with important perspectives the confidence to fully contribute their academic talents to Tulane.