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Learning and Growing at the ALTC

November 07, 2019 2:00 PM

Working while in school provides students with valuable experience they can take into their lives after graduation. Some opportunities give them even more – the chance to share beneficial resources with their fellow students and help them succeed. Simran Jain, NTC ’19, has been working in the Academic Learning and Tutoring Center (ALTC) since her very first semester here at Tulane. As she prepares to graduate this December, she looks back on her tenor as the longest-serving staff member there.


“I started at the ALTC on my first day!” Simran says excitedly. “I needed a work-study job and they had applications posted in advance of the semester starting. I had done customer service work in the past and I’m friendly and like to talk to people. It felt like the right job for me.”


Simran, a Political Science major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies, wants to work in community organizing and activism after graduation. She’s applying for jobs at non-profits and hopes to work with women, prevention of violence education and anti-mass incarceration. She’s already gotten a head start here as the president and general body member of Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE) and the Vice President of Students United for Reproductive Justice. 

Working at the ALTC taught her skills and introduced her to people she may not have met in her usual circle of friends. “Working at the front desk, people are usually upset or have tech issues. If someone needs help here they probably have a test the next day or their appointment request didn’t go through. It’s a lot to deal with. I have to try to calm people down and reassure them we are here to help them. It’s taught me quick on your feet problem solving and how to deal with tense situations. I’m way more organized.” she explains. “Also, getting to work here I got to meet people who maybe didn’t have the same interests as me but cared about being successful academically.”


The ATLC is available to all students – tutoring appointments, supplemental instruction sessions and the writing center all help students succeed in their classes. Simran describes it as “A free way to make sure you are excelling academically and make sure you are connecting with other students who are also excelling academically to make a community of success in a comfortable space.” She notes “It’s a powerful accessibility thing. It’s all free, the school pays for it. The free printing and little things you don’t think about may change someone’s academic experience who may not be able to pay for these things.” Simran also sees the value of experienced students teaching the incoming classes. “Upper classroom have a lot of knowledge to give about how to study before you get stuck. Get out of the freshman bubble and come to the ALTC before you’re struggling. People who are older and have it figured out can keep you on track.”