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Jan Pereira honored with President's Staff Excellence Award

December 17, 2019 2:45 PM

Jan Pereira received the President’s Staff Excellence Award in front of her colleagues, family and friends on Monday, December 17, 2019. She was celebrated for her tireless work on the Career Services team, encouraging and guiding students through the career planning process. Below are some quotes from her students and co-workers.



“Every student who I have talked to who has worked with Jan tells me how appreciative they are for my suggestion to contact her! In the past, many science students have been hesitant to take advantage of Hire Tulane, because they did not feel that the services applied to them. Since Jan has started working there, she has been able to change their perceptions of Hire Tulane which results in better informed students (and hopefully more employable graduates!).

Her professionalism, competency, and ability to relate to each and every student shines through at these programs. Jan is able to de-mystify the career preparation process and share her knowledge and insights with my students.”

Beth Wee, Ph.D. – Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs - School of Science and Engineering


“After my summer internship at NASA Glenn Research Center, Jan’s excitement about my achievements and effort put into making sure the news was sent to the right people on campus was so appreciated and made me realize the level of support she provides to those she considers “her students.”

Within engineering, Jan is the go-to career advisor. Any time her name comes up in conversation, there is always a chorus of “Oh I love Jan.” Her supportive words and actions have truly impacted so many throughout the engineering program.”

Meghan Bush, NTC ’20


“Jan goes above and beyond and is always open to new ideas. I cannot say enough about her contribution to our department. Her hard work has made the Career Center a valuable resource for our students and has positively affected the undergraduate experience.”

Katie Russell, Ph.D. – Professor of Practice – Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


“Jan Pereira is one of the most exceptional people I know and we are extremely lucky to have her as a colleague and contributing member of the Tulane family.

 This year Jan stepped up to also lead the career services unit as interim director while we search for a new executive director. In this role, Jan has taken on additional duties of leadership while maintaining her relationship with the senior students who are looking for full time job opportunities and as a result continues to work evenings and weekends to meet the demand.

Have you ever worked with someone who is loved by all of their colleagues, who always does more than what you ask them for, who cares deeply about their students and their futures and someone who gives of themselves so that others will have a better life. Jan is this person. Beside helping students achieve their dreams, Jan helps many professionals on campus and off campus who consult with her with their transition plans. She does this pro-bono, after regular work hours, and with love.”

Amjad Ayoubi – Senior Associate Dean, NTC


“Jan Pereira is the person every student dreams to have as not only an advisor but a mentor, friend, and my “Tulane Mom” as I like to say. She defines what every educator in this country should strive to be.

During my sophomore year I had an on-campus interview with a finance company from New York. A day before the interview I was prepping in Jan’s office and realized I had no shoes for the interview. I became even more upset when I realized not only did I not really have the financial means for a new pair of business shoes, but I didn’t even feel comfortable enough to ask anyone on campus if I could borrow there’s. I told Jan I would figure it out, but she could see in my eyes that this was about a lot more than just a pair of shoes. The next day Jan told me to come to her office at 8 am to interview prep me one more time.

When I got to the office she had a size 7 black ankle heels for me. She took the time out of her life and insane schedule to buy me a pair of shoes. I told her I could give them back, but she insisted they would be my good luck charm. To this day, this probably is one of the greatest act of kindness anyone has ever done for me and I still wear those black shoes to every interview. This is who Jan Pereira is. She genuinely cares about every aspect of her student’s lives. She goes above and beyond to help make other people’s lives better amidst the challenges and chaos of her very own.”

Christina Goldstein – NTC ‘20


“I have been associated with a number of universities, including top schools such as MIT, and I can honestly attest that our Career Services center is far superior to what I have experienced anywhere else. It is largely the passion, care, and expertise of Jan Pereira, and the tone that she sets for others, that is responsible for such an effective service center.”

Michael Moore, Ph.D. – Professor – Department of Biomedical Engineering