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Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Newcomb-Tulane College grant application process will be able to:

  • comprehend, and follow directions related to filling out a grant application
  • explain and discuss components of the application process with related faculty and staff
  • describe one’s project/research/internship, etc. to a committee of laypeople by using clear and concise expository writing skills
  • summarize grant-funded work, via the program’s final requirement to give an oral presentation or submit a written reflection paper
  • formulate a sound budget
  • identify and recognize other on-campus funding and related project support sources
  • demonstrate responsible financial stewardship of university and/or award funds
  • build upon award-funded project towards further goals of academic or research path
  • use professional business communication skills
  • determine best courses of action throughout the application process (writing application, communicating with faculty and program staff, managing project schedule) while meeting deadlines
  • choose best form of grant fund disbursement, in the case of grant award recipients
  • modify writing and/or other parts of the application, based upon feedback and recommendations from faculty and program staff
  • illustrate student’s strengthened connection with Newcomb-Tulane College

Learn more about NTC grants at, or contact the Office of Academic Programs via or 504-314-2829.