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Sophomore Year Experience

Patch, beads, and sticker for the Class of 2024

There's MORE to say... 

What is your Sophomore Story? There’s still so much MORE to experience.  From internships to research to deciding your major, there are endless opportunities that make your sophomore year unique to your experience here at Tulane. Newcomb-Tulane College is ready to help you navigate your year and celebrate you.

Start your story with Sophomore September, a month of events to reintroduce you to Tulane, student organizations, campus activities, and academic success. Attend the Shifting the Paradigm lecture featuring Chanel Miller to learn how she reclaimed her story. Join the Sophomore Retreat to focus on yourself and recognize the many ways you’re growing personally, building meaningful relationships with the Tulane community, and paving your own way to success. Events throughout the fall are designed to make MORE of your Tulane experience.

In the spring semester, you’ll be halfway to graduation, and we celebrate with Sophomore Week, culminating with the Sophomore Declaration Celebration. Come to celebrate your academic journey at the last gathering of your whole class before graduation! You’ll also receive your class pin, your first piece of academic regalia!

Below are some more suggestions to guide you as we return to campus after a very different and unexpected first-year experience. Use these in the best way to fit into your personal and academic goals. Use our Sophomore Month-by-Month Roadmap for ideas on how to incorporate these suggestions throughout your year and into your planner. Begin your Sophomore Story now!

MORE Exploration

Connect with Newcomb-Tulane College to explore academic interests. Discover potential career paths.  Make appointments with your success coach, academic advisor, career advisor, or drop by your professors’ office hours to gain their insight into life after college and learn more about their individual journeys. Attend events or seminars you find interesting.

Explore Tulane! Join a new student organization or be an NTC student leader. Our TIDES Peer Mentor and Peer Success Leader programs are great first-time leadership opportunities for students.

Explore New Orleans! Look beyond Tulane and into the local community to explore your sense of self. New Orleans is re-opening, so use your map and get to know our city, the setting for your Sophomore Story. Complete your first-tier service learning. This 1000-3000 level course should be completed before your fifth semester of full-time enrollment. This is a great opportunity to explore New Orleans beyond the bubble! 

MORE Opportunity

Make your academics enriching. Declare your major. This is one of the year’s defining experiences for a Tulane student! Assess your skills and interests with your advisor to choose a major that you’ll feel passionate about and be prepared for the future. Find an internship related to your career interests. Work with an NTC Career Coach and discover compelling opportunities with companies looking to employ Tulane talent.

Take the opportunity to learn about study abroad options. Now is the time to look ahead and prepare accordingly if this is something that sparks interest.

MORE Celebration

Celebrate the safe re-opening of Tulane and join in campus events.

Celebrate the safe-re-opening of New Orleans and attend one of our cities many local festivals.