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College Scholars Program

The College Scholars program fosters student-faculty relationships in the form of mentorship, informal interactions, and research opportunities. College Scholars will develop meaningful intellectual lives that integrate the full range of their college experiences—intellectual, social, and public service—which characterize the academic culture at Tulane.

First year students apply in January for their sophomore year, and it’s envisioned that students will remain engaged with the program through senior year as active members of the College Scholars Leadership Council.

All students with a 3.4 GPA or higher are eligible to apply. Applications open January 18th and will close February 4th.

Apply to Be a College Scholar

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The Value of Being a College Scholar

College Scholars engage in small groups around interdisciplinary topics and think about big questions collaboratively.

College Scholars benefit from a community and support network of like-minded, intellectually and academically driven, and conscientious students.

Scholars are able to form stronger relationships with faculty outside of the classroom.

Engagement as a small group with a professor and with upper class student advisory council members connects students with research and senior project opportunities.

As leaders and co-owners of cohorts, students gain experience creating innovative programs and peer mentorship of under-class students.

College Scholars are eligible for Scholars Summer Fellowship funding to support faculty mentored research projects and other academic endeavors.


Engage with your small cohorts of 8-10 students organized around interdisciplinary themes. Programming is informed by Faculty Principals, student members, and College Scholars Leadership Council.

Attend monthly events, which may take the form of on campus meetings and discussions or field trips, plan one program during the academic year and attend an annual cohort-wide retreat.

Attend 2-4 signature events, including promotional events and a student-led open house during Academic Enrichment Week

May visit with community organizations (non-profits) and service—potentially partner with CPS to help organize a group activity for Outreach Tulane

Informal weekly dinners allow members to socialize as a broader community and link ideas across cohorts.

Members may invite speakers to events, and it’s envisioned that the College Scholars Leadership Council plays a role in creating speaker series.

While College Scholars programs in Weatherhead do not constitute an RLC, The Office of Academic Enrichment works with HRL to coordinate programs and help foster a cohort identity in the residence

College Scholars Cohorts

College Scholars cohorts are  designed to foster common  intellectual experiences and encourage students to think about big questions collaboratively, often through the lens of different disciplines. Each cohort is organized around combined broad themes (-e.g. or inequality & empowerment, climate change, global health, technology & society, art & activism). Scholars cohorts can be team-taught, and options for service-related themes may be explored.

College Scholars Leadership Council

Students applying to College Scholars have the option to apply additionally for the College Scholars Leadership Council. Students can apply to remain on the council for junior and senior year. Participation allows for unique leadership opportunities including but not limited to developing a faculty and alumni speaker program, coordinating programs (e.g. an upperclassmen reunion panel/activity), mentoring incoming members, shaping programs and signature events. While there is a minimum time-commitment, levels of participation may flexibly vary to accommodate schedules and other commitments. Students from each class year are represented in this council.


Faculty Principals

Your College Scholars faculty principals are responsible for coordinating your cohort's educational programs, fostering academic engagement, and enriching Tulane's intellectual culture. Click image for bio. 


2021-2023 Faculty Principals