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William Wallace Peery Society

Student receiving William Wallace Peery Society honors - Newcomb-Tulane College

Each year, Newcomb-Tulane College elects fifteen graduating seniors to the William Wallace Peery Society, an elite group that honors the students who have truly risen above their peers in scholarly accomplishments. The Peery Society recognizes academic excellence based on a combination of GPA and evidence of outstanding scholarship through an honors thesis or equivalent accomplishment. 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peery Society, which was originally restricted to the College of Arts and Sciences, but which was expanded to include all undergraduates after the creation of Newcomb-Tulane College in 2006. Once restricted to senior men in the College of Arts and Sciences, later renamed Tulane College, the Peery Society now invites all Newcomb-Tulane College undergraduates in the top 5% of their class to apply.

The college’s top academic honor, the William Wallace Peery Medal for Academic Excellence, is bestowed on the Peery Society member who best exemplifies Dr. Peery’s educational philosophy, which stresses breadth and depth of learning and encourages students to work at the level of their greatest capacity. The Peery Medalist also receives a check for $1000. Students selected for this honor receive their awards at the annual Senior Awards Ceremony, held in May on the day before Commencement.

Peery Medalists:

2017    Xiayue "John Paul" Li
2016    Eleanor Caldwell Semmes
2015    Duc Ho
2014    Joanna Eryka Lapucha          
2013    John Elliot Ortmann, Jr.           
2012    Teresa Joyce Clifton              
2011    Philip L. Marx                      
2010    Matthew E. Griffin                
2009    Johanna M. Nevitt                 
2008    Lauren K. Ruth                      
2007    Ian-Cadoc R. Herbert            
2006    Vishnu A. Cuddapah              
2005    Alexander R. Wahl                
2004    Jason A. Mellad                     
2003    Justin B. Elstrott                    
2002    Frederico Escobar                 
2001    Meyer J. Friedman                
2000    Michael Orin Joyce               
1999    Kevin Michael Ahlers            
1998    Noam Julian Scheiber                       
1997    John Ellis Eugene Sumners   
1996    Jason Samuel Schneider        
1995    Thomas Edward Walker                    
1994    Thomas Fredrick Haddox             
1993    Charles Lewis Ridley IV              
1992    Paul M. Rodel                               
1991    Steven Michael Kuebler                 
1990    Kraig Samuel Kinchen                 
1989    Sean Murray Berkowitz               
1988    Earnest W. Kinchen                      
1987    Charles David Godley                  
1986    John F. Paolini                                   
1985    Peter Carl Muller                         
1984    Kelley Hewitt Kirklin                  
1983    Peter Warren Aldoretta                 
1982    James Hunter Cadzow                       
1981    Eric Howard Rubin                       
1980    Alejandro de Avila Blomberg
1979    Leslie A. Wade                             
1978    Paul G. Goerss                              
1977    Gerard G. East                                   
1976    Larry F. Dumont                           
1975    Joseph E. Tusa                                   
1974    Matthew J. Farley                       
1974    Arthur A. Demarest                      
1973    Michael F. Carrico                        
1972    Daniel D. Storch                            
1971    Monty Krieger                               
1970    Alan W. Pailet                              
1969    Daniel S. Karin                             
1968    Ruben I. Friedman                       
1967    Samuel L. Tabor                           
1966    Gary G. Gaffney                        
1965    John S. McPeek